HearthStone - ANZ Championship - Qualifier #1

This is the Hearthstone ESL ANZ Championship, Qualifier #1 View event.

Ripl1ne takes on Zombie Forge Games April Cup

This week in Hearthstone, ripl1ne took a shot at taking out an ODC hosted by Battlefy for an award of $50 and an additional set of WCS points to the top two spots. After battling hard against 80 participants, Ripl1ne managed to secure a second place finish in the ODC, falling to a valiant ciLmi#1964, collecting a few more WCS points to allow him an invite for the next ANZ Preliminaries. Read article.

Hearthstone as an Esport

I want you to take a moment and think of what you believe Esports is….. Games like League of Legends, Counter Strike and Starcraft with their packed stadiums, grand tournament and action intense games instantly spring to mind for me. But what about Hearthstone? How can a game that you can now play on the go and also anywhere (I know where I frequently play it) be considered a real competitive gam... Read article.

x5 at the ANZ regional Hearthstone finals

After strong standings leading up to the regional finals, our hearthstone boys had the big event this past weekend. With seasonal finishes of 8th for humans and 30th for ripl1ne, the team had both members competing in the finals. The two of them competed against 46 other players with only the top 2 qualifying for the APAC championships from the ANZ region. Unfortunately the bracket progressed in s... Read article.

Exile5 welcomes two new Hearthstone players: r1pline and humans!

Team Exile5are excited to announce two new Hearthstone players joining the organisation: Nathanial "x5 humans" O'ConnorRobert "x5 r1pline" Meredith With the release of TGT and the upcoming ANZ finals, we are proud to support these players in the biggest test yet for Oceanic Hearthstone. These players are seasoned veterans of hearthstone who can bring a wealth of experience and skill to the team. W... Read article.

x5 say farewell to fyd

We are sad to say farewell to Mitch "fyd" Pilipowski today. We have enjoyed his presence in our family immensely for the last few months but his love for HearthStone is thoroughly eclipsed by none other than CS:GO! When combined with the pressures of daily life and studies, the switch in focus is understandable. fyd has managed to achieve rank Legendary every month he has been with us, with a high... Read article.

x5 fyd finishes Rank 3 on NA in February

Our latest recruit, fyd, has finished February with Rank 3 Legendary on the NA Ladder. This milestone also qualifies him for 40 Blizzcon points! No doubt those points will come in handy at the end of the year. For more information about the rankings, go to:http://us.battle.net/hearthstone/en/blog/18053855/hearthstone%C2%AE-february-2015-ranked-play-season-final-rankings-3-4-2015 For the Blizzcon ... Read article.