Starcraft Academy

Welcome to our new Academy members!

After receiving numerous applications, Exile5 are proud to welcome the following three players to our Academy roster: Jamie 'x5 Peppy' Austin - Zerg GrandmasterMitchell 'x5 Initiative' Humphrey - Terran MasterZane 'x5 DesigNation' Harding - Protoss Grandmaster We look forward to seeing them improve and rise in the brackets of the numerous Oceanic tournaments! Deciding which players would join us w... Read article.

Starcraft Academy Recruitment Now Open

x5’s SC2 Academy is looking to recruit new players! We’re looking for players living in Australia or New Zealand, that are masters league or above. Our goal is to help decent players in the region become great players, strengthening local talent. If academy players progress far enough, they can even progress to x5’s pro roster. Things we’re looking for include: Located in Australia or New Zealand ... Read article.

Ice Archives January 2016

Hey all, Happy New Year!! Hope you all had a safe and enjoyable holiday period. Since my last blog, I've been pretty busy. I had the OSC showmatch vs Prozer to try and sneak into to the top 32 - unfortunately it wasn't to be. I feel even being that close, considering my suspension and loss of points earlier in the season, is a positive outcome - it just sucks getting that close and missing out! Ho... Read article.

Welcome Ice & Jevyn to the Starcraft 2 Academy

I'm often asked by people how do they qualify to join the Starcraft 2 Academy. We've always said that the Exile5 academy is not for the best players but rather the players with the best attitudes. This means being dedicated to Starcraft 2 and having a general positive attitude. The purpose of the academy is to find our next generation of pro so we also ask that people conduct themselves in a profe... Read article.

x5 Yours wins the Fight for the Flight: ACL Melbourne Edition!

Congratulations to x5 Yours, who has taken out our Fight for the Flight in-house tournament!He will be provided flights to ACL Melbourne next month to compete against the best in the region. Yours is a part of our Academy program for StarCraft players which has been developed for close to a year. The Academy players are coachedand given guidance byour Pro players, such as PiG. The Fight for the Fl... Read article.

Welcome Metalcore to the Exile5 Starcraft 2 Academy

Welcome Metalcore to the x5 Academy We're happy to welcome Metalcore to the Team Exile5 Starcraft 2 Academy. We've been chatting with Metalcore on and off for a while now and always thought he would be a great fit for the Academy. Hopefully one day, with a bit of hard work he can make it onto the pro roster. Although he needs no introduction, and his passion for the game is well known amongst the ... Read article.

Welcome Matlo to the Exile5 Starcraft 2 Academy

Welcome Matlo to the x5 Academy We're happy to welcome aboard the Starcraft 2 Academy Levi Smith (aka Matlo). We were impressed from the outset by his attitude, willingness to listen, learn and in particular his general enjoyment and passion for Starcraft. When we found out that he had progressed from bronze to masters in less than a year on just a laptop (with no external keyboard), the initial t... Read article.

Nama's ACL Blog of fun and things and dongers

OH. MY. GOD. ACL was so much fun, but not everything in my trip was so great. I landed at 12:25 on Friday and set off on the crazy Sydney train system to the Meriton hotel I was staying at with Eddie for 2 nights. 1hour+, a lost pair of sunglasses and $26 later I finally got there, only to have them say "We can't check you in till Eddie gets here." RIP. Thank god they offered to hold onto my lugga... Read article.

Namakaye's Season 2 Map Review

Original article here: So today I learned that WCS Season 2 Qualifiers will be using 4 new maps, 3 of which are from the community contest hosted by Team Liquid. As there doesn't seem to be much info out about the new maps, I went over the maps highlighting the features of each one. The first new map is called "Cactus Forest". Despite the name, there rea... Read article.