Cheesadelphia 2 Retrospective

3 Apr 2016 11:54am

Earlier in March, our player Taylor 'xKawaiian' Vinson participated in the Philadelphia SC2 LAN event 'Cheesadelphia 2': organised by N3rd Street Gamers and held at the Philly Strategy Arena

Although knocked out by Mygrain and Tesla, Taylor had a good time at the event!

He shared some of his thoughts with us here


C: This was your second time at Cheesadelphia, but your first time there representing Exile5. What was the most enjoyable part of attending the LAN?

xKawaiian: I would have to say wearing the jersey and being able to share the experience with both new (Kelazhur/Zerggirl) and old friends (Creature/Jamileon/Raze). It really just became a family gathering more or less.

C: At Cheesadelphia, you proved that Terrans really can lift, with a fantastic photo of the event's winner Kelazhur in your arms. Any comments on that feat of strength, or the circumstances which led to my favourite image from the event?

xKawaiian: Hmmm as much as I get emotional and such. In person I feel like I'm a really great and happy person who isn't afraid to show affection. Diego is the same weight as me so I knew I could easily lift him. I can't wait to get back home this summer to go rock climbing again!

C: What about the LAN itself: how well do you feel it was organised - are there things you think they could improve on, or are there any shout outs or compliments you'd like to give to the organisers?

xKawaiian: The people were really nice and it was in a good area of Philly (very easy to get to). IF I had to say one thing that I didn't like it was how the PCs were set up. They were very cramped together and they were so close that chairs were back to back that when people were going by they ALWAYS moved my chair and it messed me up a couple of times during gameplay. But other than that it went very smoothly, GREAT TURN OUT.

C: If there was something you'd do differently at the next Cheesadelphia, what would it be?

xKawaiian: Game-wise I would say I played very shaky still. I am disappointed that I lost to the ONE person that knocked me out before in the first event and the person to knock me out of the losers bracket was the one person I was confident against :(. I'll try harder and improve for the next one! As you KNOW :P I have a very weak mentality and tend to not do well in stressful environments. But I'm determined to improve.

C: If you can lift Kelazhur, you are obviously the new Terran hope ;)

Keep on being awesome!


You can hear more about xKawaiian's recent experiences in his Vlog here:

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