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Default BF3 Scrims

Hey Guys,

CRUX Crew are interested in regular scrims with Exile 5, so if you guys are ever keen for 8v8's, 10v10's or 12v12's then give me a yell. My Battlelog is SONLQ and Xfire is jayzoid. We are constantly looking for scrims Sun,Mon,Tues,Wed 8:00pm+.

So yeah, if your ever interested in some friendly scrims for prac then hit CRUX up .

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Awesome mate, I've been keen for this for awhile (I'm mates with JC in RL). A captain will come back to you shortly.
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Cgeers for contacting us SON. I would definitely like to get some regulars going with you guys to mix it up a bit, ATM just sorting a few things, and getting up to scratch again before scrimming heavily.
WIll try and plan some for next week with you.
4's and 8's if you are keen.
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