Exile5 Welcomes Sebbie & Autumn

In our continued efforts to grow the team to meet ever evolving challenges, We would like to Welcome two new managers to our Management team. Sebbie and Autumn join us from very diverse backgrounds, and we cant wait to see what they can do! Sebbie comes to us formally as the Manager of Sin Oceania's Academy team, where she worked with the team in their run for the Split 2 of the OCE OCS. She comes... Read article.

Get to know the x5 Academy: Namakaye

He's no stranger to the Starcraft 2 in SEA. Nonetheless, we put him through the Q&A ringer. Welcome to the x5 Academy, Namakaye.Q: So who are you?Hi, I'm Namakaye, real name Andrew, and I'm 20 years old, living in Brisbane and playing the weakest race, Protoss.Q: What's your background in Starcraft?I've been playing on and off since release, recently taking a few months break but returning at ... Read article.

Next up in our "Getting to Know" Academy members series is none other than the esteemed coach, JunO. Only 18 years of age, JunO has had a remarkable history in Starcraft. He has amazing strategic knowledge, game sense and scene awareness. He's a well respected member of the Starcraft 2 Community and it's an honour to have him on Team Exile5 coaching our Academy together with PiG.x5 KingSlayer got ... Read article.

Get to know the x5 Academy Recruits: Yours

Next up in our "Getting to Know" Academy members series is Cameron "Yours" Foster". Enjoy this interview by x5 KingSlayerQ: So who are you?Hey, I'm Cameron Foster, also known as Yours, I'm 20 years old and I main race Zerg. I'm from the western part of Sydney (Aka a westie) and I have pretty much lived here all my life.Q: What's your background in StarCraft?My background in Starcraft goes all the ... Read article.

Team Exile5 at PAX 2014!

PAX 2014 was a great ride for Team Exile5. Have a look below at what we got up to! For more photos head to: We checked out the NVIDIA graphic cards on offer. Here's one from EVGA Lara Croft cosplay Mimikzz checks out a sweet new GTX 980 Spachala with a fan Read article.

Q&A with x5 Academy Recruit - RunaMoK When forming the x5 SC2 Academy, we always said that we wanted dedicated individuals with a good attitude and commitment to Starcraft 2.RunaMoK has been self funding his flight and acommodation all over the country to participate in ACL events. He approaches Starcraft 2 methodically, analysing his every game to see what he could have done different and bet... Read article.

x5 Welcomes our new SC2 Academy

It is my pleasure to introduce to Team Exile5 and to you, the community, our newStarCraft Academy. This is something we have considered for a very long time but have never been able to execute. Until now.The Academy Manager will beEugene "KingSlayer" Astuto, who has been instrumental in bringing this idea to fruition. Its been very exciting to see him at work, bringing enthusiastic talent into thi... Read article.

GGs. KingkOng takes 1st place in the SEAcraft Weekly by defeating Enderr 2-0 in the finals! Bracket link: Read article.

As usual, Team Exile5 interviewed several players at DreamHack. Today, we managed to catch TLO and his brothers, mYi Pengwin, mYi Blysk and NB PtitDrogo, with an interview with SpaceMarine still to come. Read article.

Watch as PiG plays a SH Muta vs Bio game at DreamHack Stockholm. Read article.

PiG at DreamHack Stockholm: Group Stage 2

PiG had a slight hiccup in Stage 1 when he was defeated by SpaceMarine 2-1 to come second in the group. This has landed him in the same group as Jaedong, Mana and PtitDrogo for Stage 2. We are very excited that the PiG vs Jaedong set is being live casted on the main DreamHack stream, casted by InControl and fellow Aussie, mOOnGLaDe. Watch the games here: Read article.