Exile5 Welcomes Sebbie & Autumn

In our continued efforts to grow the team to meet ever evolving challenges, We would like to Welcome two new managers to our Management team. Sebbie and Autumn join us from very diverse backgrounds, and we cant wait to see what they can do! Sebbie comes to us formally as the Manager of Sin Oceania's Academy team, where she worked with the team in their run for the Split 2 of the OCE OCS. She comes... Read article.

NVIDIA at Respawn LAN

NVIDIA products are on display at Respawn LAN. x5 Technolust will be there to check out all the action, including the newly announced GTX 980 graphics card. Read article.

DreamHack Stockholm 2014 groups announced

PiG is expected to win his first group stage at DreamHack Stockholm, but it is what's in store for Stage 2 that has everyone nervous. One word: STACKED. Read article.

Shadowplay: A How To

Hi, I’m Bard from team Exile 5 and today I will be doing a small overview on how to use NVIDIA’s ShadowPlay, a streaming/recording program that runs directly from your GPU. ShadowPlay is inbuilt into GeForce Experience 2.0 and is available on the GTX 680 and GTX 700 series of cards. I have been talking about ShadowPlay in nearly every GPU review I have done thus far, so I felt it was time I gave i... Read article.

Watchdogs Review

Hi I'm Bard from Team Exile 5 and today I'm going to take a look at Watchdogs by Ubisoft. Watchdogs was tremendously hyped before release, advertisements were plastered on bus stops, billboards and spamming on Since this game came bundled with the NVIDIA GTX 700 line of graphics cards I decided to give this game a look and review it Initial thoughtsThe graphics are impressive. T... Read article.

Team Acer featured x5 PiG in their Behind the Scenes series of interviews this week.Have a read of the interview here: Read article.

This weekend, PiG will be competing at DreamHack Stockholm at the Ericsson Globe Arena. In his final European Summer tour event he will have to muster his greatest inner strength to overcome the horde of Korean players competing at this tournament. He has been training with improved discipline over the last few weeks, with improving results. In recent weeks he has defeated the likes of MC, Solar, ... Read article.

KingkOng Interview Series

We talk to our star SC2 player, x5 KingkOng, about his experiences as a progamer. KingkOng reminisces about how he started playing BroodWar, his experience when StarCraft II was released and what his plans are in Australia. Read article.

Team Exile5's massive weekend: July 19-21

Its been a stellar weekend for Team Exile5. In StarCraft II, we were well represented at ACL Sydney this weekend. We flew KingkOng and NXZ from Brisbane, as well as Revenant from Singapore. KingkOng and NXZ both played very well to make it out of Group A 1st and 2nd respectively. In Group C, Revenant narrowly missed out on making the bracket stage on map score. From here, both KingkOng and NXZ dom... Read article.

ACL Sydney: Get to know x5 Revenant

Hey Revenant, let’s start out with an easy one. What is your favourite matchup and why?Revenant:Currently, my favourite matchup has been ZvZ. It's due to the fact that I've drowned myself in nothing but ZvZ. I was suffering from the poor matchup before and felt that I had to do something about it. The volatility of the matchup and the heavy baneling-ling wars has been my cup of tea so far.Unlike m... Read article.

x5 Dota 2 division's first reflective blog: Respawn LAN

Respawn LAN- Self-Reflection.Firstly, I must say, this has been an extraordinary event for me personally and a very hectic couple of days! I can only imagine how tedious and exhausting it would be to organise an event of this magnitude and the aftermath when it’s all over! (I found myself engrossed in a deep coma for 13hours the next day!) Respawn being the first LAN event I’ve ever attended which... Read article.