x5 Baxter wins MvC3 at Shadowloo Showdown 6!

8 Feb 2015 8:00pm

HE'S DONE IT! Congratulations x5 Baxter for being the FIRST Australian to win a major game at Shadowloo, taking down EG | K-Brad in the finals of Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3! ‪#‎x5Pride‬

In the Grand Finals, KBrad took the first set, effectively resetting the counter since Baxter won the Winners Final. Baxter closed out the final and defining set 3-0 to take the crown to a roaring live crowd!

Thank you to the crew at Shadowlogic who have put on a stellar event as usual. It is great to see the FGC grow in Australia and events like SS6 really put it on the map internationally. We look forward to SS7!

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