Exile5 Gears Up For Battle with NVIDIA

4 Jul 2012 12:00pm

Team Exile5 is very excited to announce we’re joining forces with NVIDIA, adding them to our family of prestigious partners.

We’ve been building on our successful results for the last 5 years and to reach our current position of support from organisations like NVIDIA has been an incredible journey. This new opportunity allows Team Exile5 to expand our roster of current players and introduce new members to the team.

Exile5 aims to compete at the highest levels at all times and by utilising technology from NVIDIA this will allow our gamers the extra edge when it comes to performance and graphics power. NVIDIA has been the pinnacle for ultra-graphics power for many years and so we here at Team Exile5 are exceptionally excited to be working with NVIDIA.

E-Sports is growing at a phenomenal rate worldwide and to see so many different bodies and communities interconnected and working together is exciting and demonstrates how far we have all come.

This marks the start for some very big projects for the team and we would like you all to join us in welcoming NVIDIA to Team Exile5!

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