Exile5 welcomes its new Division: Exile5 Halo!

26 Aug 2015 12:14am

Team Exile5 are excited to announce a new division to the organisation: x5 Halo

With Halo 5's release in October, we want to support a great team into the new era of Halo!

The new division is composed of a very tight-knit crew, who have many years of combined competitive experience with the game, and we look forward to seeing how far these guys can progress in both local events and on the world stage.

With all that being said, please join us in welcoming Exile5's Halo team:

Fraser "x5 Fram" Robertson
Eric “x5 Haze” Donald
Jamaica "x5 Loberg" Loberg
Jayden "x5 Iro" Ingram

I asked Exile5 Team Manager, x5 Dot, for her thoughts on the new x5 Division:

"This has been a long while coming so it's great to finally have it official. Very excited to have the Halo boys on board!

With their addition to our ranks, we'll be having 3 divisions at ACL Melbourne - which is both insane and very exciting for us.

I wish the boys much luck and greet them warmly into our burgeoning family. We're all excited about what Halo 5 will bring!"

In order to help folks get to know them better, the new team were kind enough to sit down and answer a few questions


===Interview (by x5.Crescendo)===

C: To start us off, welcome to Exile5!
Glad to have you join us Loberg, Haze, Iro, and Fram!

To ease into things, could you share with us how you decided on your usernames - is there a story behind them?

Fram: Had a couple along the way but "fram" was a bit of a nickname growing up, so landed on that.

Haze: I was using the gamertag purple haze which I got from the Jimi Hendrix song, after that Haze seemed to stick

Loberg: After obtaining my first xbox back in 2004 - Dad bought me xbox live and Halo 2 with it, we begun setting it all up, and got stuck on creating a name that we all wanted to use.
after a long decision we came with our Family name, and have stuck with it ever since.

Iro: Loberg got me into xbox and created my first gamertag which was iJayden and I stayed with that for a few years and decided it was time for a change then Iro was born.

C: Why Iro? :)

Iro: I got it from a random generator on WoW
I liked the sound of it

C: I'll tell the Avatar fans to calm down before they start calling you uncle ;)

It's been a long time since I played Halo on the original Xbox, and I imagine a lot has changed since then. Would you share with us a bit about competitive Halo, and how you came to dedicate yourself to this game over other shooters?

Loberg: Hahahahah, I forgot he was prince Zuko's uncle
My first console game I had was Halo, and have loved it since day 1, I shortly after met Jayden and got him into Halo, and we were constantly competing against each other to be the better. We have been playing together in the same teams since day 1.

Haze: I have been playing the halo campaigns since halo 1 and just generally enjoyed playing matchmaking with friends that I knew in real life, I started competing at ACL LANs when halo reach got released and since than loved competing
What I love about halo is at the highest level the skill gap generally comes not from individual skill but through teamwork from communications, weapon control and map movements

Fram: I started playing Halo 2 on the original xbox. Moving into Halo 3, I ended up meeting these guys and we've been playing as a group of friends for around 5 years now. I started competing at the beginning of reach and feel like Halo, over other console based shooters, is more satisfying to play as it has really good balance between individual skill and teamwork. Makes it more rewarding to win, in my opinion.

Iro: Loberg pretty much explained why I got into halo

Loberg: The start to my dedication towards halo came mainly from the large group of friends that played from school, we would constantly have LANs at each others house and play for fun, but I wouldn't stop until I was the best out of my friends, I took that competitiveness to ACL events and have loved the feel and atmosphere of Halo at ACL LAN events

C: With such a large amount of experience between the four of you, could you tell me a bit more about your experiences in competitive Halo: i.e the kind of tournaments available, and which events have been your favourite to compete at so far?

Haze: Me personally my favourite would be winning the online qualifiers for the live finals of the global championships FFA in Seattle
and reaching the quarter finals

Loberg: In the very first experiences of competitive LANs Jayden and I were keen to go and compete for our first time at a LAN, with a throw together team we made top 8. since then we begun to form teams we would stick with, and haven't placed outside of top 2 since.
My favourite experience would be the first time I stepped up onto MainStage and had the games streamed Live.
It was definitely an awesome feeling and felt like an adrenaline rush knowing you're being watched by a huge crowd

Fram: Since Halo 3, ACL has been heavily invested in running online and LAN events for halo. There are a couple other organisations running online comps like CyberGamer and AvT, which are fun to play for some practice. I think overall I enjoyed competing in 2012 Reach the most as it was my first time playing in a solid squad and made some good bonds with my team-mates.

Iro: Me personally my favourite events would be winning Halo 4 opener which was the biggest online competition for halo in Australia and winning my first LAN in Halo 4 after constantly placing top 2.

C: Fram mentioned ACL as one of the major Halo events, but I'm curious as to how many tournaments/events - both LAN and online - are accessible to competitive Halo players. Could you give me a brief run-down, and each share your favourite event(s), as well as what makes them stand out?

Fram: ACL Holds 3 major LANs each year; Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne. with each LAN holding an online qualifier preceding to the LAN.
There are 4 online Rounds played quarterly throughout the year, while internationally, 343 industries holds the Halo Championship Series where the best teams in the states compete both online and on LAN.

Haze: ACL Brisbane has always been exciting for me, this is mainly due to there being a much more halo players situated there and the events along with the venue has always been great

Loberg: The Sydney LAN events have been my favourite since I've been competing; mainly because of the atmosphere and the set-up they provide.

Fram: Generally my favourite events have been ACL Sydney, just because I live nearby and it's a lot more chilled.

Iro: My favourite events would have to be ACL Melbourne events as that is my favourite city in Australia.

C: If there were fans of Halo who wanted to get into playing Halo in a competitive way, what advice would you give them? Where would they find the Halo community in Australia?

Fram: I think searching the hardcore playlist is the best place to start. Generally you'd match up with a lot of the aus community there. Send out a some friend requests and start hopping in some random 8 customs and people will definitely start to notice new names.

Haze: HaloAustralia.com is a central hub for the Australian halo community, my best recommendation for newer players would be to add as many Australian halo players on your friends list as possible as someone is usually hosting custom games

Loberg + Iro: There are 3 alternatives through social media we always strive to provide to new and upcoming players;
1. ACLPRO - The leading source of competitive gaming, which keeps up to date all the upcoming events
2. Halo Australia - Provides all upcoming events in the Nation and updates on any international competitions and changes.
3. Facebook Halo Page - Keeps the community together to organise practice and communicate outside of the game.

By having any one of these 3 social media names in our service tag on halo and in our biography on our profiles, it helps newcomers find their way into the competitive scene.

Also trying to get unknown players to start playing with more experienced players has been an effective way to broaden the community

(Interviewer's note: Loberg and Iro live in the same house, and here Iro contributed to Loberg's reply)

C: Moving away from the topic of Halo itself for a little bit, please share with us all a bit more about yourselves: what are your interests outside of Halo? Music, food, pastimes, movies, things that get you pumped up - whatever comes to mind :)

Loberg: I myself have been doing a lot of travelling in the past few years, trying to see the world, from Australia to Los Angeles, to Indonesia and Mumbai, India. Now I'm back in Australia again for a while until my next adventures,
I could probably speak for all of us: we are very much so into gym, so we have taken the competitiveness from halo to the gym haha :)
Other than that, I'm playing guitar a lot and studying mathematics at the moment

Haze: Apart from halo, I do enjoy watching and playing hearthstone even managing to get legend a couple of times in the game. Outside of gaming I am currently doing my third year in software engineering , personally I strive to better myself whether at everything I do whether that would be through halo, my studies or just pumping iron at the gym

Iro: I'm with Loberg on this, we are always trying to gym together and beat each other in all aspects of it too. I spend a lot of my time at the beach and through the city with my friends too. When I'm not gymming, gaming or out with friends I'm studying ( construction )

Fram: Lately I've been doing a lot of travelling to the U.K where my extended family lives. Outside of gaming I end up working out a lot and spending time with my friends and family. For the last couple of years I've been studying acting for screen and film and have been pursuing that as a primary career.

C: On a more personal note, is there a moment in time which you consider particularly important or formative for who you are as a player and person now?

Loberg: I personally think my travels have definitely sculpted me into the person I am today.
From living in and seeing societies of extremes of poverty and wealth, it's definitely opened my eyes and understanding of how people work

Fram: I don't think there is any one moment for me but I do think meeting the people I've met through gaming has helped me become more at ease with myself which has carried over to different aspects of my life.

Iro: The social aspects of both gaming and fitness have definitely played a big part in the traits of myself today.

Haze: Just like any game, teams come and go but I truly believe our team is unique in that we are friends first and team-mates second. being able to compete at the highest levels with not only great players but your closest friends is what still drives me to compete.

C: For a bit of fun, if you could challenge any Halo team in the world to a 'Best of X' series: who would you challenge, for how many games, and why?

Haze: I would definitely say evil genius, they are undisputedly the best team in the world atm for halo and the learning curve from just being able to play against them would be second to none in terms of practice

Fram: I would definitely challenge the European team 'Supremacy' for a Best of 11, just because I think Australia and Europe would be a lot more even in teams of skill gap.

Loberg: Mine would definitely be Evil geniuses, The twins, Roy and Lunchbox, have been my favourite pro players since day 1, I've always loved their game style. With them being crowned as the best Halo team in the planet, playing against them would definitely teach us as a team a lot.

Iro: I'd personally love to be able to play against the old lineup of Str8 Rippin. They were my favourite team all throughout Halo 3, and I loved watching Tom "Tsquared" Taylors tips and tricks videos that kept me "fraggin' like a pro" while I was a noob and getting into halo

C: Now that you are fighting under the Exile5 banner, what are your next plans and short-term goals?

Fram: Just preparing for the $1 million Halo 5 championship that's coming up and winning ACL Melbourne

Loberg: With the next LAN coming up very shortly we as a team are planning on taking out the 1st place, and continue into Halo 5 with the plan of more 1st places to follow.
The $1 million Halo 5 tournament definitely has our eyes glued to it, practising and really excited to compete at such a huge event

Haze: Short term we are looking to take out ACL Melbourne, in the long term undoubtedly we are setting our sights on the 1 million halo 5 comp

Iro: I'm planning to play at the best of my game and take out ACL Melbourne and all LANs throughout Halo 5.
Like the rest of the team, we are all focusing on the $1 million tournament and preparing as best we can

C: That's one hell of a prize pool. What kind of preparations are you making as a team? Can you tell us more about the Halo 5 event?

Haze: The format would be similar to cod champs where they would have regional qualifiers before leading up the live finals in the US, apart from that more info regarding dates etc, will be released at a later date

Loberg + Iro: With the release of Halo 5, and all the hype for the $1 million tournament, I can only imagine the amount of teams that will be practising to compete. So we will have an abundance of teams to practice against, and practice we will every night leading to the tournament.
To my knowledge, the tournament will be invitational only, just as the CoD champs were,
Taking the top 2 or 3 teams from international countries, and bringing them all to compete in America for the huge prize pool.

Fram: We try and get a good set of scrims in around 5 times a week. Basically it's more or less like the CoD champs but for Halo which is amazing for Halo as it'll hopefully bring in a lot of new players and teams and hold a solid community for Australia again.

C: As we wind down towards the end of the interview, could you share with us some of the funnier Halo moments you've experienced throughout your careers?

Fram: Would definitely be at ACL Brisbane 2013 when Jayden slipped over in the Sauna.

Loberg: Definitely some of the funniest moments came from one of our former team mates Roosters93
we would always be playing stupid games late at night, and the laughs wouldn't end

Loberg: Also to add to Fraser's answer, that is when Jayden gained the nickname, spaghetti legs

Haze: Mine would definitely be meeting Jayden for the first time lol

Iro: Mine would be at ACL Brisbane 2015 when I beat Haze in a 1v1 and he stood up and asked to arm wrestle me for the decider
I won of course

C: Brilliant! Finally feel free to self-promote, give sponsors shout-outs, and drop some links here if you want folks to follow you on the various social media/streaming sites

Fram: Yeah would just like to thank Exile5 for the awesome opportunity to represent them and everyone can feel free to follow my stream at twitch.tv/fraybizzle and twitter @x5_Fram.

Also a quick shoutout to Eric's shoelaces and Benno

Loberg: I'd like to thank Exile 5 for their best pickup so far ;) and hope to bring many victories in the future.
If you'd like to follow me on twitter, please do so @x5_Loberg.

Haze: First and foremost I would like to say thanks you to Exile5 for this amazing opportunity and excited for what the future holds.

Follow me on twitter @x5_Haze

Iro: Thank you Exile 5 for the opportunity and the warm welcomes into the team, I can only hope we both bring amazing things to Exile5.

Twitter: @x5_iro
Shoutout to zyzz - Veni Vidi Vici


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