Exile5 Welcomes our first HearthStone player, fyd!

12 Feb 2015 8:00pm

Team Exile5 welcomes our first HearthStone player, Mitch "fyd" Pilipowski!

We have been searching for the right player for some time now and were delighted when we came across Mitch. He originally applied to us after our initial round of interviews, but his application demonstrated a mature character and love for the game in such a way that we decided to interview him on the spot! Mitch understands esports well, having had experience playing many other titles competitively, and he understands the values which x5 hold true to its core. 

We believe HearthStone is a great game that is easy to enjoy and understand. It has a bright future worldwide and he hope it will make strides in ANZ. Unlike many other titles, HearthStone players are not disadvantaged by ping differences with other regions of the world. This makes it unique and effectively strips away a big barrier to improvement that many competitive esports players in ANZ face.

In welcoming Mitch to the x5 family, we will strive to aid him in his development as a top ANZ HearthStone player and x5 representative. He has already proven how much potential he has to offer by getting to the ro32 for ESL's Challenger Week 9 and ro16 for ESL's Challenger Week 10! He is also a ten time LEGENDARY player!


Mitch had this to say about joining Exile5:

I'm so proud to represent Exile5 as their first Hearthstone player. This is a great opportunity for me to develop myself as a player & I look forward to both competing and providing Hearthstone content under Team Exile5. For all of those that want to show their support or are interested in things that are to come here are some links that you might find useful.




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