Exile5 welcomes Redact to the management team!

10 Aug 2015 9:09pm

Team Exile5 are proud to welcome a new team manager: Phillip 'Redact' Pretty.

Redact brings with him extensive experience from his involvement in organising Smash tournaments - including the recent and highly successful BAM7 - and we feel he is perfect to help us expand our management team.

With our recent focus on fighting games, we are excited to pair up with another part of the passionate Fighting Game Community!

I asked x5 Dot, x5 Team Manager, for a few words to mark the occasion:

I am very happy to have someone like Redact on board. I was blown away by BAM7 in Melbourne back in May and the Smash scene that was present there. With his experience and enthusiasm on board, I am excited for what the management group can achieve in the near future ;)


We wanted to let folks know a bit more about Redact, and he was kind enough to answer a few questions for us:


===Interview (by x5.Crescendo)===


C: First of all Redact, welcome to Exile5!
We are excited to have you on board with us.

To ease us into things, is there a story behind your username?

Redact: Well I've used it for a very long time now, but it's actually 3 names stuck together.

I stole "Red" from "Red dead revolver" back on the ps2, "AC" was the name I used when I played halo 1, and "T" was for "taru" the race I played in ffxi. I stuck them all together to make "Redact" when I first played ffxI as there was a 6 character minimum, and I've used it since then.

Fun fact though: I didn't know "Redact" was an actual word until long after I used the name.

C: I bet there are some players that wish they could redact their matches with you from their match history, though ;)

You come to Exile5 with a strong presence the Smash scene, and not just as an organiser: in 2014 you regularly placed in the top 3 of couchwarrior events, won the August event, and placed in the top 8 of Shadowloo V's 1v1 melee. Before we get into your endeavours as an event organiser, could you share with us your history with Smash, and how you came into that game?

Redact: Well I started back in 2007, so I've been playing the game for 8 years now, always sticking to the one character Falco. I grew from some new kid into one of the premiere names in the game, being among the best players in Australia for a few years now.

I've won a few events, the highlight being ACL in 2012 as the first major tournament I won. I've continued to place well in everything else I've played in to date and don't plan for that to change any time soon.

C: As someone whose Lucario is regularly defeated by my friend's daughters (all still in primary school), that record is something I respect.

When did you start getting involved in event organisation?

Redact: I couldn't tell you an exact date, but I've been doing it for as long as I remember, I started definitely within my first few years and have helped organize every major Melbourne tournament for quite a while now including acl, bam and ss events along with most monthly events through Melbourne melee.

C: Of all the events you've helped organise, can you pick a favourite? If choosing one is too difficult, feel free to pick your top 3 :)
Would you share with us what brought them to mind, and what made them particularly memorable?

Redact: Definitely BAM 7, it was just the biggest and most intense by far no doubt about it. It had all the best players in Australia and nz there along with some of the biggest international names competing for our biggest prize ever along with the most entrants ever. It was just the most everything along with most fun and memorable :)

Also easily had the most support and help with that one, so least stress despite the size compared to lots of other events.

C: I'm told you had a lot to do with getting international players to BAM7. Could you tell us more about the kind of work that goes into making such a major event so successful?

Redact: Well it was all about the community. having constant contact and updates with the community and also having an amazing community on its own is what made it possible, everyone turning up and donating as well as contributing is what made it possible in the first place.

It did take lots of communication between everyone involved in actually making the event run too, the logistics of an event for 300+ people over multiple days and making sure things run on time was all about everyone else helping me.

C: Smash as part of the Fighting Game Community appears to be going from strength to strength when it comes to attendance and viewership. Is there anything in the coming year that fans of the game, old and new, should be keeping an eye out for?

Redact: Well dlc is actually a new concept for smash, and smash 4 is always putting out new content with that including characters. As well as patching of the newer game itself it will definately be a changing game consistently for all sorts of players.

Melee on the other hand doesn't quite get the same treatment, but somehow the meta is still evolving many years on from release as well as the scene growing to bigger sizes than ever seen before.

The Australian scene for both games can look forward to even bigger tournaments, more players and hopefully even more of an eSports related growth.

C: In the context of being a new manager with Exile5, what are your personal goals for the coming year? What do you hope to achieve under the x5 banner?

Redact: I'd like to show Australian teams what Smash can bring to the table as an eSport, a serious one at that too.

Previously Smash has been seen as a small scene or a kids game and while it still can appeal to everyone, I want that to include even the most serious of eSports or fighting game players.

I also want to push the scene to a new size never seen before, while bam7 was a huge event, bigger than anything ever before by a large margain, I want to keep growing it even further so it becomes even more of a real force in the Australian eSports community
And of course last but not least, another major trophy win for the team to add to the long list of achievements
If not multiple (8

C: That sounds fantastic! For people looking to take their casual at-home dominance into a more tournament-ready state, what advice would you give to potential up-and-comers?

Redact: The best way to get better is to get involved, no one wins their first tournament and only the lucky few place well, but the key is to just keep coming and keep playing with the right attitude: to get better.

Playing to win is key in tournaments but to win you have to get good first, so its best to focus on that as much as possible while getting as much experience in real events while you can.

Joining your state's facebook group or getting active on smashboards is key as well. Finding people near you to practice with helps much more than watching a youtube video or playing alone.

Everyone in the smash scene wants to get better and loves to play, so join in and the more you play the better you will get

C: On the topic of playing the game, you have always mained as Falco. What led to that choice, and have you ever considered changing?

Redact: I've played all sorts of different characters over the years but I've never fully changed from Falco. I chose Falco simply because he suits me the most and I get the best results with him while being the most entertaining, really everything works for me with him lol.

The times I have played other characters all it has made me want to do was go back to Falco. My red bird will never let me down lol

C: For a bit of fun, if there was anyone in the world you could challenge to a Best of 'X' series: who would it be, how many matches, and why?

Redact: If anyone it actually would be dekar to this point, and a best of infinity. I've played a good number of international players and they provide phenominal games, but I have the most fun playing vs him by far and its just always entertaining which is what I love about smash. I've been playing for 8 years and don't plan to stop since it just never gets boring and never is the same

C: On a more personal note, is there a moment in time which you consider particularly important or formative for who you are as a player and person now?

Redact: If anything it was probably the time I smashed my controller vs tedeth in south Australia. It made me realise how much I really do care about smash and made me want to push myself and the game much further in a way that involved less breaking things haha. It also helped me develop a much better attutude towards gaming overall which helped me control the rage that used to plague me horribly

C: RIP the controller of destiny!
Would you share with us all a bit more about yourself outside of Smash? Favourite food, music, pastimes etc?

Redact: Well I'm a cheese snob so any form of blue cheese is my favourite food, but close behind that is any good chicken haha. I don't have too much of a music preference but I love all sorts of music, been to heaps of live music in every form.

But apart from those its just games games games. Anything from fps, mobas fighters and single player games I've probably played it, I love jumping from new game to new game while still playing smash and dota from time to time

C: Finally feel free to self-promote, give sponsors shout-outs, and drop some links here if you want folks to follow you on the various social media/streaming sites

Redact: My Twitter

Melbourne Melee Twitter (organizes Smash events in Victoria not exclusive to melee)

Couchwarriors Twitter (does big Melbourne events including BAM7)

Also shoutout to EMO crew (thats the Smash crew I'm part of)

And last but not least shoutouts to x5 for taking the chance on Smash

C: Thank you for taking the time to have a chat with me today, and I look forward to seeing Smash grow even more within Australia!

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