Gosu Cup Asia I Writeup

8 Nov 2012 12:00pm

On 13th - 14th October x5.Dota 2 took part in the massive Gosu Cup Asia I. The cup was a tournament spanning two days and saw 207 teams enter, each with their own envisions of taking home the grand prize of $500 and the bragging right of the best team in Asia. Out of the 207 teams there was some fierce competition, including teams such as; Flash eSports, Orange eSports, Mineski, Natural9, MuFc, MiTH.TrusT, Invasion, Malice, CSO, MSIevoGT, Pagibig.TnC. All of these teams being well known professionals in the Asia DotA 2 team. It was going to be a tough tournament for Exile5.

Round One - CSO
Going into this tournament x5 had to prepare for some extremely tough matches. At first the team was a bit disheartened going up against CSO. CSO is a strong team in the Asian region and has been dubbed Cambodia’s best team. However, the boys quickly psyched themselves up and went into the first game. The drafting was good for both sides, and the game was going in and out of each others favour for the first 40 minutes. However, x5 managed to pull themselves together, boosting their GPM from the help of Bounty Hunters track, and able to pull of some amazing team fights thanks to Naga. In the end x5. Dota 2 managed to take down CSO 45-22 and move onto the second round of the tournament.

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Round Two - PLOOFY
Again, a fairly strong team, but with the boost in confidence from their last match, x5. Dota 2 were confident they could bring this team down. x5. Dota 2 planned a mid game aggressive draft, trilaning the bottom lane with the key hero being EarthShaker, whom managed to land some amazing fissures, one such blocking the enemy Brewmaster in against a treeline to secure first blood, a very important start for them. From here x5. Dota 2 started to play more and more aggressively, landing key ganks and gaining complete map control by 20 minutes in, where they proceeded to win the game with ease. The end score for this match was 25-6 in x5. Dota 2’s favour.

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Round Three - Malice
This was always going to be a tough match. Malice are a strong and respected Singapore team, and were definitely the favourites to win this match. x5. Dota 2 went into this game planning a strong team-fight orientated lineup that also had strong defensive and turtling capabilities. x5. Slah played an agressive mid lane using Queen of Pain and did absolutely amazingly, ending his game with a score of 18-2. x5. DDD playing hard carry with Void is also worth mentioning, he managed to secure excellent farm all game, ending on a gpm of 676, a solid effort. The x5 boys played an amazing game, with a final score of 31-9.


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Round Four - Matsuri
By now, x5’s dominance of the Gosu Cup Asia I had started to spread, and a lot of viewers tuned into the in game client to watch this game, topping 70 viewers at one stage. This game was extremely close, with alot of people calling an end to it in Matsuri’s favour, but x5. did not give up. They persevered through lost team fights, the enemy pushing right into their base, and the enemy grabbing three Roshans. Matsuri confidence grew, and they attempted to end the game with three hard pushes, each time x5 managed to team whipe them, surprising viewers and making them confused as to whose game it was. x5 pulled out some incredible decision making, grabbing Ghost Scepters, which did not allow the TA to attack them in team fights, from here they could concentrate their efforts onto the rest of the team, Void mainly going onto CK, usually killing him or taking him down below half life in the duration of Chronosphere. In one huge effort, there was a massive team fight in the middle lane, which x5 dominated, and pushed on to win the game, surprising many. The end score was 34-12 in x5's favour.

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Round Five - MSIevoGT
This was by far the hardest matchup x5 had in the whole tournament, MSIevoGT are extremely well known and respected, to even get this far proved that x5 were a team not to be taken lightly. Unfortunately this is where the tournament ended for x5. After an extremely close game which had both teams biting their nails MSIevoGT managed to secure a win. Ingame x5 were faced with two options, turtle their base and farm the mass creeps coming in and work on gaining full items, but having the risk of losing a teamfight in their base and the throne being destroyed, or take a chance, push out and try to secure themselves a win. x5 chose the latter of the two, they put up a huge effort but unfortunately MSIevoGT managed to overpower them. Despite the fact MSIevoGT took the game, x5 managed to stay far ahead in kills ending the game with a total score of 43-24.


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x5’s performance in the Gosu Cup Asia I spread to many players around, with x5 even being recognised in public games afterwards from their performance in the tournament. Getting into the Fifth round of the tournament meant that they were placed into the top 16 teams in Asia. An achievement that we are extremely proud of. The new x5. Dota 2’s lineup looks to be the best we have had yet, and big things are planned from the players. x5. Dota 2 captain FaNtaSy- had this to say about the tournament and how the performed:“The roster changed on the day itself.. We originally had He|ix- as one of the players, however he had some emergency family issues to attend to, thus we had to resort to finding another player. So to be fair, we basically had no practice prior to the tournament. We just gave it our best shot and acted as we went. We entered with no expectations to achieve much, but just to gain experience as see how we fare with this lineup. 

However to our amazement, our team work and synergy was just superb. 
Everyone was pleased with the result we managed to achieve, and we decided to stick together as team.

Overall, Gosu Cup has been an amazing experience and has really made me understand the potential our team has. I am extremely delighted with our results and we'll be sure to practice harder and come top 3 next time!
Last but not least, thank you x5 and our sponsors for giving us the opportunity to compete under the name. Hope we did you proud!”


“Also very suprised at x5 making into top 16 team over n9.. I watch them play against matsuri and for a new team they seem very strong maybe they are aus team in ti3?”

- staTicgg1

“Aus team X5 .. Need more experience fighting high level team, the next N9 if your team is serious.”

- garlicx

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