Team Exile5 Announces StarCraft 2 Division

6 Aug 2012 12:00am

Team Exile5 is happy to announce the formation of a StarCraft 2 division, picking up the recently formed Team Mastermind.

Team Mastermind is a team of young up and coming players and we feel that with the added support of being in a solid organisation, they can reach the top of Australian gaming. As individuals the players are solid all around competitors, posting respectable results against the best in Australia, and the chemistry as a team is superb.

Phoenix put the team together approximately 2 months ago from a combination of known personalities on the SEA server and some lost souls who were hanging out on the NA

server. The team strives for greatness and have been improving ever since. With the addition of GM Protoss Frustration, who qualified for WCS Australia, the strength of the team was bolstered.

The playing roster currently consists of Bard (Captain), Frustration, WeTheBest, StoicWilly, Evan and NotoriouS, with Phoenix (Captain) and Daehfeurd as content producers.

Team Captains Bard and Phoenix are excited to begin their journey with Exile5 and had this to say:

Bard: “I am really excited for this partnership, a lot of the players in Mi have an amazing amount of potential without the opportunity to develop it. I strongly feel that Exile5 can give us the right environment to take our games to the next level. In saying that there is alot of work ahead for us all and hopefully we can make the most of it!"

Phoenix: “I'm incredibly excited at the opportunity our team has been offered. The combination of talented and promising players fuelled with the support available from the organisation will allow our players to reach their full potential. I look forward to the future of our team!”

With this new division Team Exile5 hopes to achieve great success and provide more opportunities for SC2 gamers to follow their dreams of becoming a pro player. We were impressed with their attitudes and ambitions so have decided to give them a launching platform into hopefully gaming success.

These players will just be the start of the x5 SC2 division and we would like to ask you all to join us in welcoming them aboard.

You can follow one of the new players "Frustration" in action at WCS Australia + Oceania from August 10-12 in Sydney! Also, look forward to lots of streaming coming out via Twitch and more sites over the coming weeks.

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