Team Exile5 get their game on for real! IRL zombie shooter event

23 Oct 2012 12:00pm

Thanks to the amazing team over at, Top players from Exile5 get the chance participate in the world first, and incredible concept which has everyone on the edge of their seats: PATIENT 0!

"Patient 0 is is the launch title from new Australian Live Action videogame developer IRL Shooter. Patient – 0 is a world first real life, multiplayer, first person shooter, role playing game. This isn't LARP, this isn’t laser tag. This is a video game in real life, this is IRL Shooter!"

We are excited to announce that some of Team Exile5s' finest professional gamers, from all over Australia, will be flown to Melbourne to participate, and test their physical ability, game awareness and their fear on Patient 0.

As part of the media launch, Team Exile5 will be competing against ADF trained Military personell and Police SOG teams for scores and survival rates. Whilst the physical and firearms components of the game should be an advantage for the trained professionals, Patient 0 is designed for gamers and aficionados of zombie mythos. Combine this will logic puzzles, NPCs and RPG elements, this could well give Exile5 an edge.

These select Pro gamers, amongst the best in the country will truly be pushed to the limits with Patient 0. Set in a huge 10,000 sqm abandoned building in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne, the "game" is said to be very physical and unimaginably frightening throughout! Our players will be kitted out similarly to the following image, complete with Holographic scope, helmet mounted FOV camera, and tactical gear!

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Here is a quote from IRL regarding the weaponry that we will be using:

Proudly introducing the IRL Shooter M4 Mk1.

We showed the prototype at the recent Armageddon Expo in Melbourne & the reception was enthusiastic to say the least. We have also put one of these into the hands of military professionals, who all agreed it was as close to the real thing as they have seen.

The look, detail, weight, balance, feel, sound, muzzle flash and ammo/health LCD all combine to make the IRLS M4 Mk1 the most realistic laser tag weapon ever made (the attached photo is the weapon without the M203 grenade launcher attachment which houses the lasertag tech)

We have, however, had some development issues, mostly due to the wonderful people at the Australian Customs Service. Some of the crucial parts were not allowed into the country (apparently they don't like people making guns - go
figure!) so we had to use alternative replacement parts sourced locally. These changes dramatically increased the weight of the weapon (we were aiming for 2Kg, it is now approx 3.5Kg - almost identical to the real loaded M4 weight) which meant that the actuator we were using to create the recoil was underpowered & therefore did not produce sufficient 'movement' in the weapon when fired.

Many sleepless nights were had and alternative solutions investigated, but ultimately we had to make one of the hardest decisions of this whole venture so far. The IRLS M4 Mk1 will not have recoil. There. We said it. Rather than
giving you something that was substandard, we decided to exclude this feature from this first build of weapons.

Trust us when we say that this is the biggest & most disappointing compromise of the overall project that we have had to make. Hopefully it will not detract from your experience, because the venue, cast & gameplay are much better than we had initially planned :)

Thanks for all your amazing support & encouragement.

The IRL Shooter Team

IRL Shooter are cutting no corners with the production, with Hollywood style sound, lighting and effects, and realistic weaponry and Zombies sure to wow any die hard gamer.
Check out some of videos from Patient 0 on their Youtube page for more info about the release.

Some notable videos here:

Having spent the last 6 weeks getting themselves more physically prepared for the event, the Team Exile5 guys will arrive in Melbourne next week to make sure everyone is ready to roll.
Post Zombie apocalypse, the team will be given a memory stick of their personal 1080p headcam footage, aswell as CCTV footage from throughout the abandoned building, and we'll be making a "frag vid" with the videos. Tune into our Facebook page, where we will keep everyone up to date with photos, videos and writeups!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank IRL Shooter for the opportunity to be the first in the world to try this awesome concept, and also a big thanks to our sponsors Western Digital, Nvidia, CM Storm, Coolermaster, and Iinet for the resources and support to get our team to Melbourne.

For more info on Patient 0, head to their website here, and get keen for your turn!

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