Team Exile5 Welcomes A New Blizzard Tournament Manager!

22 Mar 2015 12:00pm

In recent months, many of our fans will have seen us make serious commitments to the Heroes of the Storm and HearthStone titles. We have recruited a fantastic player for HearthStone, fyd, and we recently announced the pick up of 5Hype for Heroes. On top of that, our partnership with HappyRage has seen us hold a very successful community Heroes tournament.

We strive to do even more. 

It is with great pleasure that we bring on board Sollarr as our Tournament Manager for both HearthStone and Heroes of the Storm. We absolutely admire his incentive to grow the competitive scenes for both games and his love for Blizzard games overall. It makes an alliance with Team Exile5, one which has had a big focus on StarCraft II, a real no-brainer. Sollarr has already had his hands full organising tournaments. Moving forward we hope to work with both he and HappyRage to establish well-managed and sustainable tournaments for both communities - and maybe more!

Look out for full announcements in the coming weeks for our tournament series.

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