Want to get into Esports?

12 Jan 2016 10:00pm

We're experiencing a huge upsurge in activity and need YOUR help!

What's going on?

If you glance over to the right of this page, you'll see our long list of Divisions. Just have a look at our front page and you'll see everything we're involved in. In fact, we have over 50 players, managers and staff!

With esports exploding in ANZ as it is right now, we're gonna need a few more hands on board to help keep x5 at the top of ANZ esports.

Who are we recruiting?

Our main priority right now are Managers and Assistant Staff.

Managers: Specifically capable of managing divisions e.g. Halo 5, but being flexible any game is preferred. We find that the best people for this job genuinely care for their team like they are family. They need to be a strong authority but also caring. They need to have a higher than normal degree of selflessness. They need to think quick on their feet. This will involve a lot of hours in order to do the job right. You will be responsible for many things. 

Sounds tough?

You bet it is.

Managers in esports are usually those who have to work hard to hold everything together. They're the glue. Can you be the glue?

Assistant staff: Are you a jack of all trades but master of none? Can you write, do a little graphics design, find your way around a CMS, know what a CMS even is? We're looking for people who are well-rounded and capable of doing the smaller, but by no means, inconsequential tasks that regularly pop up in the team. Got a skill you think we could use? Let us know what it is and how it can make a difference.

How to apply?

We don't know anything about you. So show us why we should pick you. Have skills? Demonstrate them with pictures, illustrations, stories, memes, any way you can to help us know what you are capable of. If you want to join our family, tell us about yourself and why you want to join an ANZ esports organization in the first place!

Please send all applications to application@team-exile5.org.


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