x5 PiG advances to WCS Round of 16!

21 Feb 2015 12:00pm

HE DID IT! Jared "PiG" Krensel defeats Happy 2-1 and makes it to StarCraft's WCS Round of 16!

Congratulations! PiG started today's matches against Happy, but in a complete role reversal was completely trounced convincingly 2-0 first up. His chances of making it through looked bleak.

Then he came up against TargA, a favourite to make it out of the group. The ZvZ match up was much more to PiG's liking and he managed to take it 2-1, narrowly avoiding coming last.

In order to make it through to ro16, PiG had to play the loser of Kane vs Happy. After a marathon mech vs swarmhost series, PiG got a chance to take his revenge against Happy. And boy, did he do it in style!

Game 1 was a long mech vs swarmhost map that was close but eventually went PiG's way. In game 2, Happy took the momentum back with a dominant opening that took the game away from PiG early. He never recovered and lost. It was then tied 1-1, it was 1am in Germany and they had all been playing for 7 hours.

In game 3, despite what was riding on that last game, PiG pulled out a very different strategy - roach drops into a nydus worm. As the roaches were dropped into Happy's main base, they spread out and wreaked havoc on everything in sight. A tank popped out just in time but its life was snuffed in 2 seconds. Then the nydus worm finished building and even more roaches streamed out. Happy had no answer to the onslaught. The day had flipped on its head, and PiG defeated Happy 2-1 to qualify for WCS ro16!

We would like to say our heartfelt thanks to the fans and friends who have stayed up since 4am AEST to watch and support PiG play. And thank you also to ESL and their staff for producing a great show, even though it was the longest ever WCS day and the show ended past 1am.

This is a great moment for Team Exile5 and especially for PiG, who has been juggling streaming, coaching and competitive playing ever since he came home from Europe last year.

We'll see you in the ro16!

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