Intergate Internet Cafe – League of Legends Competition

21 Apr 2013 12:00pm

With a $750 dollar first prize and $250 dollars for the second prize, you can tell that the competition was geared towards the hardcore side of the community. Many of Sydney's finest had turned up with the hopes of getting their hands on the cash.

The teams were seeded into two brackets, one would be playing early in the morning and the other in the afternoon. Matches went on throughout the day which allowed for a great atmosphere and viewing experience. The semi-finals would be a week later.

It all started off here:

 After getting comfortable with our surroundings, the team got the chance to socialize with the community and discuss the latest strategy and meta. We also got the chance to spectate a few of the on-going matches before we had to rush off to play in our first games.

We played in a number of matches on the first day and managed to win all of them putting us through the semi-finals of which would be played next week. Joining us here would be a few teams from the early morning bracket as well as the second placed team from our bracket. I felt we had put in a great effort and the team felt good about our chances in the finals the following week.

Finals day was here and it couldn't of come any faster! We were pumped up and ready to win.  Eager to get our hands on the cash prize, the matches would be between 4 teams. The format was 'best-of-three' for the semi-finals and a 'best-of-five' for the Grand Final!

We struggled through the first two matches. The first game, a terror enemy Amumu was going through each lane leaving his mark on each of our faces. The early game was hard on us, but slowly, as it came to objectives and team fighting it was clear that we were superior and quickly pulled ourselves on par to their lead. Pushing hard as 5, we came out on top of team fights over and over, eventually getting so big that they couldn't do anything at all. Game one.

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The second game was even harder, but the same thing happened. Through silly mistakes and stupidity, they got an early lead on us only for us to start to get into gear and showed them why we were the superior team. Through dragon control and baron baits, the winner was clear after laning and mid phase.

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Finally, the finals. We were up against 3 of the other x5 players, we were pessimistic. We lost a best of three scissors paper rock to Stui who 2-0'd us and so we were forced to move since both teams were sitting close together. After having trouble in the first two games and losing the scissors paper rock matches, we weren't sure how we would do. Kakurock, Stui and Brontosaurus (Jv the king) were on the opposite team. 

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But, this time, we went into our games with a different mindset. We underestimated our last opponents which was clearly a mistake. No this time, we KNEW it was different. We focused and took our time picking. We discussed every choice we had. We went into the games serious. We meant business.

And we won all three.

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It was an awesome day, starting early, and finishing late. We got the lovely $750 cash prize and thanked the great hosts of the tournament who came in on their off day just for us. Special thanks to Brian the main organizer of the event from Intergate Internet Cafe.

- Chenyboy, Team Exile5 League of Legends

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