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Exile5 players xKawaiian and Neuro competing at DreamHack Austin

We are proud to cheer on two of our players, Taylor 'xKawaiian' Vinson and Austin 'Neuro' Filsinger, as they challenge the open brackets of DreamHack Austinon 6th-8th May. They face fierce competition, but have been working hard to prepare for their opponents. The event will be streamed by DreamHack on Read article.

Roster changes for x5 Halo 5 squad

Roster mania has hit Exile5! Adam "Adz" Hall and Jakob "Colt" West are looking to make their mark on Halo 5 in other teams and possibly other regions. While they complete their exits from their player contract obligations we will be bringing in two new players to complete the squad. Welcome to Team Exile5: Dean "Deano" Mills & Adam "Momentuum" B Deano featured in this year's ANZ Regionals when... Read article.

PiG's Guide on Dark's ZvP - Banerain, Mass Ling-bane, Broods

In the SSL Finals Dark made a lot of use of a ground-breaking ZvP style. He used early baneling drops, fast melee upgrades and a focus on pureling-baneto survive the midgame whilst teching incredibly quickly towards broodlords. The first time I saw anarchon-immortal army get completely shrekt by ling-bane I thought I had gone crazy. I must have missed a huge army advantage or something! But since ... Read article.

Good Games, Well Played: KingkOng places second in the WCS Spring Regional Challenger!

Exile5 congratulates our Starcraft 2 veteran Zerg player Sam 'KingkOng' Yu for an incredible run in this season's WCS challenger event! After some intensely exciting and nail-biting series against the region's top players, he regrettably fell in the finals to the incredible form of the Terran player Ethan 'Iaguz' Zugai. Of particular note during the weekend was KingkOng's five-game brawl with Fren... Read article.

Baxter on Level UP XL!

Our very own Sam "The Ham"Baxter has recently appeared on one of Australia's online web series calledLevel UP XL hosted by GooGie GaminG. In this episode they discuss everything that is fighting games, Battle Arena Melbourne 8 (BAM8), How to prepare for a tournament, what things you should be focusing on at tournament, how to manage your mindset during tournament matches as well as juggling multip... Read article.

PiG and Neuro join the CyberSports Network Coaching Team

Team Exile5 are pleased to announce that we are assisting the CyberSports Network as they unveil their new webpage and Starcraft2 coaching initiative. Two of our well known players and streamers, Jared 'PiG' Krensel and Austin 'Neuro' Filsinger, are on the newly formed coaching team. Traditionally, SC2 coaching has always been a one-on-one experience, largely due to the nature of the game. CSN how... Read article.

x5 CSGO Attending CGPL LAN Finals

Exile5 have a chance to redeem themselves after a disappointing CGPL season. Two other teams (Immunity and Ferox) have dropped out, which has given us an 11th hour ticket to the CGPL LAN Finals in Sydney next weekend! This turn of fate is reminiscent of last year's CGPL season, where we were also awarded a spot to the LAN Finals after other teams could not confirm their attendance. We have been pl... Read article.

Ripl1ne takes on Zombie Forge Games April Cup

This week in Hearthstone, ripl1ne took a shot at taking out an ODC hosted by Battlefy for an award of $50 and an additional set of WCS points to the top two spots. After battling hard against 80 participants, Ripl1ne managed to secure a second place finish in the ODC, falling to a valiant ciLmi#1964, collecting a few more WCS points to allow him an invite for the next ANZ Preliminaries. Read article.

Cheesadelphia 2 Retrospective

Earlier in March, our player Taylor 'xKawaiian' Vinson participated in the Philadelphia SC2 LAN event 'Cheesadelphia 2': organised by N3rd Street Gamers and held at the Philly Strategy Arena Although knocked out by Mygrain and Tesla, Taylor had a good time at the event! He shared some of his thoughts with us here ~~~ C: This was your second time at Cheesadelphia, but your first time there represen... Read article.

Recap of the Halo World Championship

Woah. It has already been over two weeks since Team Exile5 represented Australia and New Zealand region in the Halo World Championships. For those who missed the games, here is a recap of what you missed! Team Exile5 was placed in group B, coming up against: #1 EU seed, Team Infused, #3 NA seed, Evil Geniuses and, #5 NA seed, Renegades. Our first series of the group stage, was against Infused. In... Read article.

WCS Shanghai Round Up

Our condolences go out to our player Sam 'KingkOng' Yu, who was knocked out of the single-elimination open bracket at WCS Shanghai by the Dutch Protoss player Kevin 'Harstem' De Koning. It is some consolation that Harstem then went on to become the tournament winner. However, Exile5's involvement with WCS Shanghai wasn't just on the competitive side: Jared 'PiG' Krensel was one of the commentator... Read article.

Halo World Championship Group Stage

The days of sleep deprived nights and the countless hours of grinding are going to pay off. Our first match will kick off with us up against Team Infused at 8:40am AEDT on Saturday on the main stage, The second match will be up against Evil Geniuses at 11:10am AEDT on Saturday, also on the main stage, The last match we will be up against Team Renegades at 7:10am AEDT on Sunday, on the second stage... Read article.