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KingkOng will be travelling to Korea to visit family and upgrade his visa

Exile5 want to wish our SC2 veteran Sam 'KingkOng' Yu safe flights and a well-deserved holiday. At the end of this month, KingkOng will be returning to Korea for three months to visit family and upgrade his visa We asked him what he planned to do over the next few months C: What is the first thing you want to do while in Korea? KK: I will mostly study English during those 3 months. I'll be taking... Read article.

Starcraft Academy Recruitment Now Open

x5’s SC2 Academy is looking to recruit new players! We’re looking for players living in Australia or New Zealand, that are masters league or above. Our goal is to help decent players in the region become great players, strengthening local talent. If academy players progress far enough, they can even progress to x5’s pro roster. Things we’re looking for include: Located in Australia or New Zealand ... Read article.

Welcome Coach Satu

It is with enormous pleasure that we welcome to the Exile5 Starcraft 2 Division, Charlie "Satu" Potter. Satu is one of the most respected coaches in the ANZ region, having given so much to the community and it's players in the form of free coaching and the like. He is a true Starcraft 2 Community warrior. He also also has the requisite leadership, analytical and motivational skills that are the ha... Read article.

DuSt League Season 3 Kicks Off

We are excited to announce that Team Exile5 will be competing again in the Starcraft 2 DuSt League. In season 2, the team fought hard against some admirable competition but fell short of being able to equal or better the third place finish that we achieved in season 1. Now in season 3, our StarCraft warriors (comprising both our professional roster and our academy) are hungrier than ever and keen ... Read article.

Farewell and GLHF to xKawaiian!

In sad news, Exile5 have parted ways with our Terran player Taylor 'xKawaiian' Vinson in a spirit of mutual friendship Timezone differences can make life difficult for an Americas-based player in our organisation, and we wish him the best of fortune in his new family of Team Ascension Exile5 hope that Team Ascension give Taylor all the support and encouragement that he deserves, and we hope to con... Read article.

Team Exile5 announces its new LoL OCS Roster

Team Exile5 is proud to announce a new chapter in its League of Legends history. Welcome to the family: Blinky (Captain)CykFeshSiumanYuzukiWith subs: Praelus, Rumbie and Grisha These talented players will form our OCS team which will compete in the first round against Reload Esports next Thursday 9 June 2016. Led by Dean "Scream" Giles and Nathan "Maxxy" Maxwell in management, this roster will vie... Read article.

ESL ANZ Qualifier #4 - Exile5 take Second!

With the ESL ANZ Qualifiers coming to an end, the 4th and last ODC came quick as the Exile5 CS:GO Scrambled to prepare – ecstatic to face off against rivals new and old. Game one came around quick with Avant Garde, one of the hardest hitters in the scene currently being the first opponent. After a Zealous game Exile5 happily take out Avant Garde with a finishing score of 16 – 11, with stars in the... Read article.

Team Exile5 take ESL ANZ Championship Cup #2!

A few weeks ago, the first cup of the ESL ANZ Championship started. With our new roster consisting of “Bald” “Zerkil” “Momentum” and “Deano”, we went into this championship proving that we are still at an international standard. Cup one, which was 2 weeks ago, Team Exile5 fought hard battles in the tournament to fight all the way to the upper bracket finals, against Team Immunity. We unfortunately... Read article.

Team Exile5 is looking for League of Legends Analysts

We are looking for a Head Analyst and Rookie Analyst(s) to round out our support staff for our OCS and OOL teams. If you are interested in these roles, please submit your application to Head Analyst In this role, we are expecting a leader who can manage the analyst duties and responsibilities for both teams. You will be required to work with the Managers of the Divisio... Read article.

Exile5 players xKawaiian and Neuro competing at DreamHack Austin

We are proud to cheer on two of our players, Taylor 'xKawaiian' Vinson and Austin 'Neuro' Filsinger, as they challenge the open brackets of DreamHack Austinon 6th-8th May. They face fierce competition, but have been working hard to prepare for their opponents. The event will be streamed by DreamHack on Read article.

Roster changes for x5 Halo 5 squad

Roster mania has hit Exile5! Adam "Adz" Hall and Jakob "Colt" West are looking to make their mark on Halo 5 in other teams and possibly other regions. While they complete their exits from their player contract obligations we will be bringing in two new players to complete the squad. Welcome to Team Exile5: Dean "Deano" Mills & Adam "Momentuum" B Deano featured in this year's ANZ Regionals when... Read article.

PiG's Guide on Dark's ZvP - Banerain, Mass Ling-bane, Broods

In the SSL Finals Dark made a lot of use of a ground-breaking ZvP style. He used early baneling drops, fast melee upgrades and a focus on pureling-baneto survive the midgame whilst teching incredibly quickly towards broodlords. The first time I saw anarchon-immortal army get completely shrekt by ling-bane I thought I had gone crazy. I must have missed a huge army advantage or something! But since ... Read article.